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Ohh la la, Raw Kale Salad

Kale! It’s been hovering around the edges of the vegetable aisle, and the in the unfocused area of our consciousness, for years. Times have changed-we are now in the middle of the Great Kale Renaissance. As Slate magazine says,

“Why is kale so beloved, not just in Los Angeles but in any city currently hosting a restaurant run by a former Top Chef contestant? Because it’s a superfood. Researchers have identified 45—count ’em—different flavonoids in kale, and as something of a “flavonoid queen” I take that as exciting news indeed.”

Read the entire (very funny) article here:


The single thing that changed my relationship with this leafy green:  Raw Kale Salad.

The secret of this dish is this: you’ve got to remove the stems and massage the torn kale leaves with lemon juice and sea salt at least an hour before making the salad. Also, try Dinosaur (Lacinato) kale—it has a nice flavor.

I like to add some kind of toasted nuts, and some avocado, onion and fruit-fresh and/or dried.

For this salad, I toasted up some pumpkin seeds, and used avocado, onion, granny smith apples and craisins.

For the dressing, I mixed one crushed clove of garlic, olive oil, tahini and maple syrup until it was creamy, then tossed it all together. So good!

Pumpkin seeds toasting up all crunchy and golden

For the dressing

A bowl of awesome yumminess

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